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Spanish Harlem Orchestra - Album Release Celebration

Thu, Jul 14 -
Sun, Jul 17, 2022

$36.50 ($8.00 Handling Fee Included) All purchases are nonrefundable/nonexchangeable.

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KNKX and Dimitriou's Jazz Alley welcome New York’s finest, 3x Grammy-winning, 13-piece band the Spanish Harlem Orchestra for four nights and six shows. Band members are: Oscar Hernandez (piano/Musical Director), Marco Bermudez (vocals, coro), Carlos Cascante (vocals, coro), Jeremy Bosch (vocals, coro, flute), Manuel “Maneco” Ruiz (trumpet), Alex Norris (trumpet), Doug Beavers (trombone), Juan Gabriel Lakunza (trombone), Mitch Frohman (baritone sax, flute), Luisito Quintero (timbales, maracas, guiro), George Delgado (congas), Jorge Gonzalez (bongos) and Jerry Madera (bass). Show times Thursday and Sunday at 7:30pm. Show times Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and 9:30pm. Doors open at 6:00pm Thursday and 5:30pm Friday – Sunday.

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Whether in a concert hall or at an outdoor jazz festival, there is no easing you in, Spanish Harlem Orchestra (SHO) come at you full force, from start to finish. Their energy on stage and their rich sound and musical precision leave audiences mesmerized until the last note is played. With an unwavering respect for the music’s storied history, the ensemble’s thirteen world-class musicians and vocalists come together to create an unparalleled musical experience.

Now celebrating their 15th year, SHO is dedicated to the sounds of the barrio (Spanish Harlem NYC). Their music is characterized by the raw, organic and vintage sound defined by the genre. They are on a mission to keep the musical legacy of salsa dura (hard salsa) alive and expand its audience to those who love great music, not just Latin music. Grounded in the past, while focused on the future, they strive to keep the music relevant, creating a unique and fresh approach.

Within the vast landscape of Latin music in New York City, few ensembles have had such a magnificent impact as the 3x Grammy-winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra. Founded by pianist and composer Oscar Hernandez two decades ago, the mission statement of SHO is to honor the tradition of great Latin music, and to continue their work as “the leading light of the salsa reconstruction movement” (Newsday). The Spanish Harlem Orchestra presents its eighth album statement on Imagenes Latinas, staying true to its purpose.

“As leader and producer, my mission and vision is to represent the great history and legacy of this music that I’ve bee blessed to be a part of my entire life,” reflects Hernandez. “Our passion and commitment to this music is never ending. With this unyielding motivation Imagenes Latinas finds the band exploring new dimensions but never deviates from its core belief. “As with all the new SHO recordings, the concept and sound is the same but the playing of new songs, arrangements, and performances always aim to create a new magic for the listeners,” Hernandez adds.

The new album Imagenes Latinas finds the group seamlessly traveling through a wide variety of moods and styles, reminding listeners that this is a seasoned ensemble of the very best musicians playing this music.


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